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    Document Imaging Conserves Space

    The amount of space needed for storage of documents in filing cabinets is an important document imaging consideration where additional workspace for employees is needed, facility moves result in reduced space, division sales require maintenance of files, etc. 

    Cost of space clearly extends beyond direct per square foot charges. Heating, Air Conditioning, Cleaning and other overheads result in continuing expenses that could often be applied to more productive uses.

    In one case, a records room was imaged and the space used for more than twelve employee’s modular offices.  In another, hallways were cleared of boxes and cabinets that could have limited exit in case of a fire.

    Since document images take literally no space except on computer disk drives, file access is actually improved with documents immediately available on user’s desktops.

    Move toward the paperless office!

    Instead of stashing business-critical documents in file cabinets, turn voluminous physical and electronic data into information databases, making it easily retrievable by users throughout the enterprise. Make them available instantly, when and where they are needed. Save hundreds of staff "man hours" a month, searching for critical documents and eliminate vital information from damage, pilferage, theft, misplacement or loss.

    This helps users focus on getting their jobs done, rather than spending precious time looking for files and information.



    Time Saving And Increased Productivity:
    Free-up Time, the most valuable asset of your staff, to be utilized more productively in serving customers or locking in sales. All information and data, documents and files required by every individual are now available right at your table, without walking around looking for it.

    Make Your Organization "Staff Turnover" Proof:
    Staff may come and go, or be on leave, but your business does not grind to a halt. Every one will still have access to all the documents they need to perform their functions.

    Bring Out The Best In Your Staff:
    Impressive increases in production can be handled by the current staff because of much Higher Efficiency.

    Eliminate Human Filing Mistakes:
    Organizations can literally spend days trying to locate ‘mission critical’ misfiled documents. EDMS allows users to find any document in your organization instantly - without leaving their desks!

    Increased Access To Essential Information:
    Access multiple documents containing related ‘critical’ information, instantly. Staff can share documents with co-workers on the network, thus allowing them to route and process documents instantly, effectively and cheaply.

    Reduces The Cost Of Storing Paper Documents:
    Typically, the law requires a business to save documents anywhere from seven years to a lifetime. The annual cost to store legacy documents can be reduced by storing at cheaper locations, or in the case of some industries, eliminated completely

    Offsite Storage Protection:
    What happens to your business if you have a fire or water damage to paper documents. Electronic Data in various media (eg. CD’s) is easily stored offsite so that important information will not be lost.

    Obvious And Visible Benefits To The Organization:
    These include much higher staff morale and an improved perception of the organization as efficient and well managed, by both employees and customers.


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