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  • Asset Information and Engineering Content Management Solution

    The BlueCielo product family is focused on capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, (Petro-) Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Within these industries, a chain of companies work closely together to build, maintain, and optimize the production facilities.
    Such an industry chain is shown in the below picture. The owner/operator is depicted in the large circle, which includes an arrow to indicate the asset life cycle.

    To design and build a production facility, the owner/operator typically works with one or more contractors who might work with subcontractors for specific expertise or equipment. After commissioning, the asset owner/operator sometimes outsources specific maintenance to maintenance contractors. These can be the very same contractors that did the initial engineering and construction work. Within this asset life cycle, five specific focus areas have been identified for which BlueCielo ECM Solutions provides dedicated software solutions.


    In today’s competitive, highly regulated and cost-intensive markets, owner/operators and engineering contractors face the challenge of finding new ways to increase asset and project performance and profitability.

    Our asset information and engineering content management solutions make vital and accurate engineering content available to the wider enterprise, integrating it with mainstream business processes and management decision-making.

    The results? Optimal asset and project performance. Streamlined business processes. Regulatory compliance. Reduction in risks and costs.

    With an efficient engineering content management solution in place, organizations can ensure that the latest revisions of the right documents are available to the right people. BlueCielo solutions provide flexible revision management, workflow support for projects and single documents and a safe, secure environment for documents using a 'vault' concept. Our solutions are scalable from a departmental solution up to enterprise level, and are the ECM solutions of choice for owner/operators as well as engineering contractors operating in a variety of industries.

    BlueCielo solutions manage the lifecycles of products or installations, controlling all technology-related data. Our solutions allow a choice of database back-ends ranging from entry level Hypertrieve up to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, FileNet and MS SharePoint. BlueCielo provides easy to use, powerful, secure and extremely versatile solutions for Engineering Content Management.

    • Enhancing operational efficiency through scalability
      BlueCielo solutions are scalable, enabling them to grow as your needs increase, giving the flexibility to meet ever-changing business and engineering demands.

    • Customizable features and robust, open platform architecture
      Enhance the operational efficiency of your business without interrupting your progress.

    • Powerful integration capabilities with ERP systems and purchasing systems
      The ability to connect to databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL allow sharing of engineering data across the enterprise.

    • Access your documents in multiple ways
      Via desktop software and the internet, allowing you to access documents anywhere, anytime.

    • Collaboration
      Share documents within and across business units, departments, divisions and collaborate across organizations.

    • Control versioning, revision, and full administrative access controls
      Offer unparalleled protection for your critical documentation.

    • Targeted advanced features and functionality
      Complement BlueCielo's industry-specific solutions and offer a powerful, complete solution that streamlines workflow and increases document control, access, and overall efficiency.

    Management of Change

    Many organizations, engineering companies and contractors experience an increasing flow of documents during engineering project activities. Documents are often not stored centrally, let alone structured or with the right version number. In particular, design data is often not managed carefully, resulting in mistakes and rework. An enormous amount of time is often wasted in searching for the correct version of a document.

    Current asset management practices are usually insufficient to track project progress and control documents in multiple projects. This usually causes delay in project planning and reduces project throughput time resulting in loss of revenue and increase risk of accidents.

    Our solutions enable companies to successfully manage the creation, approval and distribution of these engineering project-related documents. With our solutions projects will be continually delivered according to the project plans reducing throughput time. In addition, project information can be easily traced and controlled throughout the project lifecycle, an important benefit in highly regulated environments.

    • Projects continually delivered according to the project
    • Full proof of control to ensure license to operate
    • Project information easily traced and controlled throughout the project lifecycle

    Engineering Data Exchange

    In a connected global economy specialized engineering contractors will continue to work with globally spread expert teams. Although this offers efficiency improvements in the design, construction and commissioning parts of the projects, this increased global collaboration presents unique challenges to
    the contractors.

    The complexity of working with experts throughout the globe makes it difficult to distribute and retrieve critical engineering information. In addition, contractors need to provide an audit trail and trace all the content with regard to the production assets. Current content management solutions and technologies don’t address these needs.

    Our solutions provide secure and verifiable distribution of all documentation. Effectively managing the collaboration process provides a reduction in project throughput time leading to an increase number of projects per year.

    • Secure, verifiable flow of documentation with owner operators, contractors and  suppliers
    • Shorter time to market
    • Reduction in interoperability costs


    Regulatory Compliance

    Companies are continually looking for innovative ways to bring new products to market faster. It is critical to maximize market success and lower product liabilities by reducing the risk through validation and maintaining compliance with government regulations. By keeping track of accurate engineering information throughout the organization and by making it accessible to the appropriate people, BlueCielo technology helps to minimize risk, ensure compliance and avoid costly recalls in environments regulated by FDA 21 CFR Part 11, the European Annex 11 of the EU Guide, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

    BlueCielo FDA Module is an out-of-the-box business solution that manages current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) engineering documentation throughout the enterprise. The module was developed using standard IT practices and is based on integration with leading technology platforms. BlueCielo's engineering content management solution supports safety, health, environment and quality regulations.

    BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise's integrated solution provides the following benefits:

    • Improved compliance effectiveness
    • Reduced validation effort
    • Improved document workflow throughout the enterprise
    • Lower cost of ownership


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