System Solution

  • Electronic Document Management System

    The IT revolution has empowered organizations and every individual as a whole. However, the critical difference of leading-edge organizations that want to stay ahead in the new economy will be the ability to manage their content.

    Knowledge is now spruced all over the organization in faxes, brochures, tenders, drawings, e-files, web sites etc and the single greatest task is to keep all this data systematically organized and available at any time.
    When information is freed from the physical limitations of paper and converted into an electronic format, it becomes a valuable strategic resource.

    Instead of stashing business-critical documents in file cabinets, turn voluminous physical and electronic data into information databases, making it easily retrievable by users throughout the enterprise. Make them available instantly, when and where they are needed. Save hundreds of staff "man hours" a month, searching for critical documents and eliminate vital information from damage, pilferage, theft, misplacement or loss.

    This helps users focus on getting their jobs done, rather than spending precious time looking for files and information.

    We offer several electronic document management solutions under the Bluecieloecm banner tailored for different industries and requirements. This ranges from a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable package tailored for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), small offices, company departments or an enterprise business application for high-end information management.



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