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  • Document Imaging and Scanning Services

    Up to 400 dpi, black and white, grayscale, or color. We offer de-skewing, de-speckling, and other image processing that can make the scanned image even better than the original. PSA has gained much expertise in the volume scanning and storage of office document. Full indexing is provided. In excess of 15,000 A4 images may be stored on a single CD-ROM and can be made to be self-standing, ie, no additional software to view and retrieve the contents. We can also supply images together with a database file to enable clients to upload images into their own systems.

    We are able to convert page sizes upto A0 in colour and integrate them into multi-page documents, so existing reports with mixed large format pages can maintain their integrity in order, look and colour.

    The PSA Document Scanning process is unique and remarkably efficient.  We use the latest in software and high-speed scanners to make the office conversion process as quick as possible.

    PSA provides document scanning services in efforts to drive your company towards a "paper-less office". Your organization's documents are scanned by high-speed scanners in our state of art document conversion center. Our company provides high volume scanning capacity allowing as much as 750,000 scanned pages daily.

    On-Site Document Scanning Services

    PSA can bring our operations to your company location. Our on-Site document imaging solution is a convenient way for your company to satisfy your document imaging needs - if your document collection cannot leave your facility due to security regulations.

    A team of PSA document scanning specialists will travel to your secure site, set-up our document imaging equipment and then scan your documents in a timely manner.


    Off-Site Document Imaging Solutions

    PSA provides a turnkey solution (prepping, scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval) for organizations seeking an off-site document imaging provider.

    Once we receive your company's document data, our team maintains strict accountability as we begin the document conversion process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by team members. After data documents are prepped, our operators will customize a process that uniquely fits your company's requirements for data conversion. All files are accurately and efficiently converted into electronic information.

    Converted data files are then indexed by our team members to facilitate future retrieval of converted documents. Upon completion of the conversion and indexing processes, your company files are then output to your company's specified delivery media.


    Typical Scanning Project Workflow Diagram - Document Scanning Workflow

    The most common scanning and imaging project works in a 7 step process. The same workflow is often followed either in a on-site or off-site setting.

    • 1. The client or customer requests documents to be scanned
    • 2. Documents are received or pulled
    • 3. Documents are prepared for the scanning process which can involve inserting patch sheets, barcodes, or any other document breaks, as well as, removing folders and staples
    • 4. Documents are fed into high-speed scanners
    • 5. Computer programs and staff correct contrast, color, and any other image issues
    • 6. Data entry, Double Keyed or from OCR, Indexing of the documents is done on the quality images
    • 7. The final product is delivered to the client with the added OCR searchable information


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